Who is ‘The Serial Photog’?

Hi there! My name is Adam Thompson, but people online probably better know me as The Serial Photog. I’m known as a lot of different things to different people, but for the most part I am a Photographer, Film Maker, Adventurer and Youtuber.

These things aren’t mutually exclusive and ultimately end up getting rolled together into one big conglomeration. As a result, I find it easier to just summarize myself as a creative with a thirst for adventure!

I started this site a few years ago as a way to share my creative pursuits with anyone who¬†cares to take a look. Feel free to check out my photography. Or perhaps you want to see the films I’ve made. Oh, and you could always check out my blog to keep up with my latest adventures and possibly even pick up a tip or two!

That’s the basic lowdown on who I am. Want to know more? Just read on!

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Alright, I’ll assume that the fact you’ve made it this far into my about page means you want to know a little more about me. Fair warning though, I’ve never been very good at writing these about me things. Oh well, let’s give this a shot!

As you’ve probably ascertained by now, my real name is Adam Thompson. I’m a 20-something year old creative living in the grand ol’ state of Kentucky. That’s all well and good, but let’s take a moment to step back a bit.

How This All Got Started

I’ve always been adventurous to some degree, but not quite in the way I am today. There was a time that the idea of strapping 30 pounds of gear onto my back, hiking 15 miles and sleeping outside all to have the possibility to get one decent picture would’ve seemed insane!

Needless to say, this is an obsession of mine that has grown overtime.

The ball that led to all of this started rolling in my early teenage years when I got my first camera for Christmas. It was some sort of Kodak point-and-shoot. I really don’t remember the details.

I quite enjoyed snapping picture after picture with that old camera, but the images I had definitely weren’t anything to write home about! At this stage I put little more thought into an image than “I’m going to point the camera at that thing over there and take a picture of it”.

Clearly I had a ways to go!

As time went on, I got more and more interested in taking pictures, but still didn’t quite get that getting a good image requires skill and a lot of hard work. I didn’t realize just how much went into doing actual photography until I got my first DSLR (a Canon T3).

For a good while I never took the this camera off auto and my images still weren’t that great (though I was starting to learn a bit about composition). Eventually, however, I got curious about all those different modes and settings on my camera. Little did I know at the time, but this was the start of a great journey!

The more I learned about photography, the more I was hooked. I was constantly taking pictures of anything I could find to photograph. All the while I was experimenting with the camera; getting to know it. As time went on I was finally starting to improve and started to gain a real appreciation for actual photography.

Where Does Adventure Come In?

So far this explains how my obsession with photography began, but how on Earth did the whole adventure component get thrown into the mix? Well, there isn’t really a clear cut answer.

You see, I’ve always enjoyed exploring the outdoors. When I was younger I would frequently hike up creeks and rivers looking for fossils (an activity that I’ve been getting back into). After my first visit to Red River Gorge I even developed an appreciation for hiking.

But, I still wouldn’t imagine setting off into the backcountry for an extended period of time. I think this was largely due to the fact that I didn’t even realize backpacking was a thing yet. I had never really considered that there are¬†people out there that enjoy carrying everything needed to survive on their backs and who venture into the backcountry for days at a time.

I simply had no idea this was something people did! The realization came from one of the most unlikely of places.

My First Exposure To Backpacking

During my time in high school I was very good at English. In fact, I took several advanced placement English classes. How is this relevant, you ask?

Well, one of those advanced classes I took focused on reading and analyzing non-fictitious works. This is only relevant because of a single book we read… A Walk in the Woods by Bill Bryson. If you’re not familiar with this book I’d definitely recommend you check it out!

In this book, Bill Bryson talks about his experience learning about and setting out to hike The Appalachian Trail. You see, this is the point in which I was first exposed to the concept of backpacking. It was just enough to get me curious.

No Stopping The Sense of Adventure

The more I looked into backpacking, the more I realized it would make the perfect companion for my photography obsession. The more I ventured into the backcountry the more I fell in love with landscape photography and the more I craved adventure.

That gets us to where I am today. Adventure and photography are my two passions. The more adventures I go on, the more my desire for adventure grows! Lately, I’ve come to enjoy sharing my adventures on Youtube. I also tend to post trip logs to my blog. I would love for you to follow along with my adventures!

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