Daylight West Arch – Daniel Boone National Forest

Daylight West Arch, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky.
Daylight West Arch, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky.

This past Friday I drove down to Laurel County, Kentucky, to explore part of the Daniel Boone National Forest with my buddy @MCochis. The primary goal of this trip was to check out a spot that Mike had identified as being a possible waterfall. Spoiler alert, we did indeed find the waterfall. I’ll have images of said waterfall to share later.
Before venturing off to find this possible waterfall we hit up a few arches. Amongst these were the Daylight Arches. This set of twin arches are quite a sight to behold!

When I saw just how close these arches were to the Forest Service road, I expected them to be absolutely trashed. That is, after all, just the sad reality of this stuff being easy to get to. To my delight, however, they were in pretty good shape. The trash and graffiti, while present, was not nearly as bad as I had expected.

Many of the other arches I’ve been to that are close to the road end up with nearly every square inch covered in graffiti and trash mounds abound. Luckily, these seem to be a pretty good shape. Pictured here is the Daylight West Arch.

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