Hollow Rock Arch – Daniel Boone National Forest

Hollow Rock Arch, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky
Hollow Rock Arch, Daniel Boone National Forest, Kentucky

This past Saturday I went arch hunting in the southern portion of the Daniel Boone National Forest with a fellow photographer, Mike Cochis. All in all, we visited 7 arches. Amongst these arches was Hollow Rock Arch.
Neither of us had been to this arch previously and Mike had it on good authority that his coordinates to the arch were incorrect but in the right general ballpark. We set out looking for the arch. It didn’t take long until we found it.

Simply looking at pictures online (and seeing the arch from a distance), we didn’t think it was going to be very impressive. After crossing to the other side, however, we discovered that we were wrong in that regard.

Unfortunately, Hollow Rock Arch is in an area plagued with vandalism. It’s for this reason that I will not be sharing the exact location of this arch.

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