Mt. Cammerer Revisted

I spent a week on a road trip to The Great Smoky Mountains National Park with my mom. The trip was meant to be a really chill trip and, for the most part, it was. The problem was that I was getting rather stir crazy from not doing any hikes, even though I was surrounded by mountains just begging to be climbed! On the last day of the trip, Friday, I decided to break away for a few hours to go revisit Mt. Cammerer.

The Route

I decided to take the shortest route up to the 4,928-foot summit of Cammerer, the same route I had taken a year prior with my mom. The route consists of taking the Low Gap trail up to the Appalachian Trail. From there I would take the AT to the spur trail that leads up to the summit of Cammerer.

Path up Cammerer
The path I took up Mt. Cammerer. I’m not going to lie, loading GPS tracks into Google Earth might be my new favorite thing!

This is by far the shortest, easiest route up to the summit, though there are other route options available. The hike totaled 12.3 miles and consisted of a little over 2,700 feet of elevation gain.

The Hike

The hike up was pleasant, though strenuous. Most of the elevation gain occurs on the Low Gap Trail. The first part of the hike follows along the Low Gap Creek (and crosses it twice, once with a bridge and once without). Despite the large elevation gain and high temperatures (which were hanging right around 90 degrees Fahrenheit), I was really quite happy with the pace I was making up the mountain.

Along the way, there was some foreshadowing of the amazing views that would be greeting me from the summit.

Upon reaching the Appalachian Trail the elevation evened out quite a lot and the hiking got significantly easier. I had reached the spur trail the goes up to the summit of Mt. Cammerer in what seemed like no time at all. After just a little more hiking my goal came into vision: the Mt. Cammerer fire tower!

Needless to say, the views from the top are absolutely breathtaking. In fact, I would have to argue that the Mt. Cammerer summit provides some of the best views in the entire Great Smoky Mountains National Park!

Can’t Wait to Get Back!

Now I’m sitting here in the comfort of my home writing out this trip summary and all I can do is long for my next adventure in the mountains. I have a whole list of adventures I want to do in the Smoky Mountains specifically, but there is one, in particular, I would like to do involving Mt. Cammerer. You see, I can only imagine how breathtaking a sunrise (or sunset) would be from the summit! So my plan? Well, I would love to night hike up the mountain and experience that sight. Let’s just say I’m starting to work out the plans for such a trip 🙂

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