My 3 Favorite iPhone Photography Apps

There is a lot that goes into landscape and adventure photography (just check out my previous post on backcountry photography). Anything that can help make my life easier is more than welcome. Throughout my journey, I have come across a number of iPhone apps that promise to aid me in my photography (specifically landscape photography). Some of these have delivered, while others have fallen flat on their face. With that in mind, I present to you my 3 favorite iPhone apps that I actually find helpful and use on a regular basis.


This is one of my favorite apps because it is extremely simple and it is genuinely useful. Rizon is a no-nonsense app that makes it easy to figure out when twilight and golden hour is.

The 24-hour day is represented as a circle. Nighttime is represented by a thin grey line, daytime by a thick white line. Golden hour is a red line and twilight is a dark blue line. Spinning the circle around will allow you to see the times associated with any given point in the day. It’s also worth noting that this app allows you to select the day and location which you would like to plan for.

Rizon IOS App

Sun Seeker

This is another easy to use app that serves a useful purpose. Sun Seeker allows you to track the path of the sun in the sky. This allows you to plan where the sun will be at any given time and where in the sky the sun will rise and set. Anyone who’s done a sunrise/sunset shoot will know how useful this is!

Sun Seeker IOS App

Like Rizon, Sun Seeker allows you to select your location. The feature that really sets this app apart from the rest, however, is what they call 3D view. Selecting this will open up your phone’s camera with an overlay. This way you can point your phone towards the sky and interactively track the sun’s path! I cannot express enough how much I love this feature!

Long Exposure Calculator

This app is easy to use (though not the prettiest to look at) and is insanely useful if you are doing long exposures. Long Exposure Calculator Does exactly what the name implies. Select what density ND filter you are using, select what the shutter speed is without the ND filter, and the app will tell you how long your exposure with the ND filter needs to be. It even provides a handy little timer to assist you in timing your exposures. This is the app I used to time my exposure when I photographed Creation Falls a few weeks ago.

Long Exposure Calculator IOS App

Your Turn

These are my top 3 iPhone apps to aid me in my photography. With that being said, I am always looking for new ways to improve my workflow. If you use any useful photography apps please do share them with me!

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