The hike in is grueling. You’re way behind schedule and and you realize that you’ve severely underestimated the terrain you’re trying to traverse. After all, it never looks that bad on the map!

To compound the matter, it’s freezing. You can’t seem to reach a balance between staying warm when the harsh wind cuts through the forest and not sweating like you’re standing before a firing squad when you’re moving.

The pack you’ve slung on your back is heavy. You can’t help but think, do I really need all this gear?

Finally, after hours of trudging through mud, crossing frigid streams, and pushing your body to its limits, you arrive at your destination. You take the time to find a composition, set up the camera and snap the picture.

Shot of Creation Falls.

Now it dawns on you… you have to get back to the car. You’re only half way done! This is when you make the hard realization: you have to be bit of a lunatic to be a backcountry photographer!

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